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Volume 15 - Hollywood & Glamour Issue

Image of Volume 15 - Hollywood & Glamour Issue

If you like Hollywood’s glamour and style, then you’ll sure to get a delight in our newest issue. Social media sensation Audrey Kitching shares her newest projects and how the buzz all started, while X-Factor’s Carly Rose opens up about her mentorship with Brittany Spears. We can’t forget Disney’s Debby Ryan, meet this multi-talented starlet with a love for the screen and the studio.

So, what are you waiting for? Flip the pages and discover the newest faces in music, film and television while exploring Hollywood Elite’s hidden jewel in the Mediterranean. Before you’re done, you’ll indulge in Oscar-worthy red carpet gowns as you read about the best wines in the world. This spring’s Hollywood and Glamour issue will leave you wanting more!